Burke E. Porter Machinery Company

730 Plymouth Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
United States


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Burke E. Porter Machinery Company is a global leader in the development of laboratory dynamometers and testing systems. Since its first machine shipped in 1953, Burke Porter Machinerys primary focus has been to produce high quality, dependable machines.

To reach foreign markets, Globalization began in 1987 into Europe and Asia. Throughout the 1990s, Burke Porter Machinery developed locations in South America, India, Belgium and Japan. Burke Porter Machinery is still evolving today with an expansion in China and through its Precision Contract Manufacturing division to develop outsourcing needs for new customers.

Burke Porter Machinery has utilized it knowledge and engineering capabilities to become a valuable Renewable "Green" Energy Resource. The growing demands to use the renewable, natural resources to create energy have prompted Burke Porter Machinery to develop several programs in the Wind, Solar, and Waste Heat Generation.